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Crisp Clean trolleys ranges are designed for high hygiene applications. The Hytech range with its stainless steel wringer and trolley frames being particularly suited to clean room applications because of the ability to add accessories without having drilled holes in the trolley frame. With an upgrade to autoclavable castors and stainless steel bucket handles, the whole trolley can be sterilized in an autoclave. Two typical examples of such trolleys are shown opposite.The stainless steel wringers and mop frames are ideally suited to clean room applications because their materials enable them to be sterilized relatively easily.


Although the standard range of tufted mops are suitable for many hygiene applications for high class clean rooms a special very low lint mop is available.


Edgeless tubular cord yarn is made of continuous micro polyester. Super absorbency low lint features and strong chemical resistance for sterile and critical cleaning environments. Washable for reuse.


Acid: Polyester insoluble within 75% Sulfuric acid. Alkali: Polyester soluble
within 10% Sodium Hydroxide. Solvent: Insoluble in alcohol,
benzene, acetone etc.


Semiconductor, display (TFT LCD, PDP, OLED) manufacturing line.
Pharmaceutical or biotechnology manufacturing line. Hospital,
electronic components assemble line.

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