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About Us

Crisp Clean Services Ltd was founded by it’s Directors; John, Georgina and Lucy Crisp and remains 100% privately-owned since being formed in 1991. We are based in Somerset, England – Just a short distance from the M5 motorway and major trunk roads.

Our main production site is a substantial 5,000m2 and includes modern facilities and equipment.


Commitment to overseas market development is well established at Crisp Clean Services. 88% of our current sales are to international markets.

Our global reach continues to expand, and we are always ready to work with new customers and partners across the globe. If you are looking to become a distributor for Crisp Clean Services, or would like to find a partner or product in your Country then please contact us:

Download the Standard product Brochure below.


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We’re looking for you!

We’re always open to talent and on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our growing team. If you are interested in coming to work for us, then please drop us an email with you CV to:

Alternatively, if you do not have a CV, you can download our application here