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Special purpose tools and accesories

The Crisp Clean range of special purpose tools are designed to satisfy the cleaning needs of more inaccessible areas.
High quality performance mops

John mop

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The John Mop utilises a specially developed Velcro head and is the ideal tool for spot dusting or damp cleaning. The tool may be fitted to a telescopic handle for cleaning harder to reach areas.

flexi head

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The Flexi-head is double sided. Either used as a hand mitt or on a flexible hand tool it is specially designed to dust in narrow gaps, e.g. between radiators, behind cupboards and cabinets.


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Colour coded outer bags to support waste liners. In a variety of sizes and styles. Custom design available.

long duster

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The wall duster is highly suitable for the rapid dusting of large wall areas.


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High quality stainless steel and light weight aluminium frames for various fixings.